Monday, November 21, 2016

White Line Wash Out Sinks - NEW!

WhiteLine - Wash Out Sinks

if you remember the old yellow fiber glas wash out sinks we use to make - we've taken that same design and are now making them in a white poly material-

Always Included: Water Filter System  with your new sink:
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 SFS-100 Water Filtration for Sale . offers a simple, affordable solution for screen printers that need to deal with the disposal. treatment or recycling of wastewater that contains contaminants which are the result of the screen printing process. #screenprintingproducts #ScreenPrinting #SFS-100waterfiltration #reduceswaste #screenprintinglife #screenprintingequiptmentforsale #screenprintingcleanup 


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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kornit 931

Kornit 931

Just recently Serviced by a certified Kornit Tech 
Still running every day 

Video -
(not actual machine)

Kornit 931 is designed to meet the high quality, high-speed and low cost printing demands of the screen-printing industry, this system adjusted to the printing market growing demands, especially in regard to image quality, color range and printing cost.
Exceptionally versatile, Kornit 931 handles a wide range of standard garments, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, denim, nylon coats and more.
Kornit 931 is capable of printing both on light and dark garments with its 4 CMYK print heads and 2 white heads, different possible printing resolutions allows to achieve marvelous process color prints with numerous number of shades.