Friday, August 30, 2019

M & R Sportsman 12 station 10 Color

M & R Sportsman 12 station 10 Color
This will be a completely re-conditioned machine

Loaded with All Features
Year 2004
16 x 18 Print Size

w/ Servo Drive / AC Heads - Squeegee Pressure Regulator / Squeegee Flood Bar
Air Locks  

Flash Cures Available:



This machine will be available in 7 to 8 weeks once a small deposit is put down 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Sunday, July 28, 2019

M & R Challenger II / AC Heads Servo - 16 COLOR

M & R Challenger II- 18 Station 16 Color 

Year 2006 

AC Servo Pallet Drive - AC Print Heads - 20"x28" Max. Print Area - Front Microregistration - Frame Air Locks - Squeegee & Floodbar Air Locks - CentralĂ‚ Off Contact - Set of Adult pallets Squeegees, Floodbars included - 19.5' Setup Diameter - Reconditioned w/ 90 Day Warranty


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Friday, July 19, 2019

M&R Printing 48" wide Radicure

M&R Printing 48" wide Radicure
electric dryer
The Year 2006 

Perfect Dryer for 1 Automatic & 2 manuals 

Great Price $9,995.00

Built for long life and maximum performance, Radicure is M&R’s premium infrared electric textile dryer. Curing is provided by an infrared radiant panel array and forced hot air. Panels can be quickly and easily raised and lowered with convenient single-point height adjustment.

a full 90-day warranty for all parts on most of our used equipment;

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ScreenPrinting Products Inc. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

M&R Sprint Gas Dryer 48" w 12' of Heat

M&R Sprint Gas Dryer 48" 

keep up with 2 autos with this dryer 

48" wide belt, 8' infeed, 12' Gas heat chamber , 4' outfeed - Digital Temperature Controller and Belt Speed Readout - New Belt - 220 Volt, 3ph, 12 Amps - Reconditioned & 90 Day Warranty - Photo similaR
$ 15,995  - comes with a new belt

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Quartz Flash Cures fo M & R Machines

Quartz Flash Cures for M & R Machines

for automatics or manual presses

Stop paying the high price for Quartz Flash cures 
This is essentially a RED CHILI without the fancy Pepper

16x20 - $3,795.00
18x22 - $3,895.00
22x30 - $3,995.00

Our Uniflash model is designed to be a low cost but effective flash cure unit. It is built on a stand so it can be used with manual print machines or M&R style machines. The stand is a durable all steel design with locking swivel castors, making it easy to move and place around your machine. This unit also comes with all of our standard features such as 3 independent on/off zones and fast acting medium wave lamps.  designed to be a cost effective unit it making it easy to use and functional.

It does not to interface with your press  - even though it can

The Dwell Timer and Pallet Sensor is all you need for it to operate with any automatic - or manual press

Monday, February 18, 2019

Cooly Fan

Cooly Fan are Back (it Just Works)
 made by Screenprinting Products Inc.

Cooly Fan - Gets rid of INK TAC within seconds after Flashing 

 Cool Down right after the flash to get rid of Ink Tac - increases your production 

Used after flashing - Made to fit into an Automatic Press 23 x 31 frame size

Best investment you can make for your production  
1650 RPM Comair Rotron Fan

Cooly Fan Man - Same concept - except comes with a stand for your manual press
Speed up your Cool down time Now!!
20x24 Frame size - same size Fan - 1650 RPMs

contact Dave (email- or call 925-989-6615

Wednesday, February 13, 2019