Friday, February 17, 2017

M & R Chameleon 8 Color / 8 Station

M & R Chameleon 8 Color / 8 Station

back clamps


$6,950.00 -almost 50% off the cost of new 
+   450.00 to skid

The world’s best sampling and production manual screen printing press
Integrates seamlessly with M&R’s Tri-Loc® and Double Tri-Loc® Rapid Registration System and all M&R automatic screen printing presses

Specification Direct Link:

Press will be cleaned before shipping
60 day parts warranty

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

M & R Challenger II 2005 - 14 Color

M & R Challenger II  - 14 Color 

Year 2005
 3.1 Million Impressions
 Includes 2 Habanero Flash 18 x 22

 Loaded with every feature
AC Servo Pallet Drive - AC Print Heads - 20"x28" Max. Print Area - Front Micro registration - Frame Air Locks - Squeegee & Flood bar Air Locks - Central Off Contact 

Set of Adult pallets Squeegees, Flood bars included - 19.5' Setup Diameter 

Friday, February 10, 2017

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

M&R Gauntlet RS 6 Color 8 Station

M&R Gauntlet RS 6 Color 8 Station

Always my favorite small M & R Press - has a lot of the same features 
as the big presses - Best kept secret 


 - Pneumatic Pallet Drive - Front Micro registration - Digital Keypad - Frame Air Locks w/ Roller Frame Bars - Adjustable Print Stroke - Set of Adult pallets Squeegees, Flood bars included - 11' Setup Diameter - 

Reconditioned w/ 90 Day Warranty - $19,995

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

M & R Sportsman E Series

M & R Sportsman E Series - 10 Color

Year 2008 / 1.2 million impressions (very Low)


Large 20 x 20 Print Size

Loaded with all features
Servo Pallet Drive - AC Print Heads - Digital Control Center - 20"x20" Print Area - Front & Rear Microregistration - Frame Air Locks - Squeegee / Floodbar Airlocks - Squeegee Pressure Regulators - Set of Adult pallets Squeegees, Floodbars included -15.5' Setup Diameter - 208 Volt, 3 phase, 28 Amps -

This Press Will not Last!!

& available in 1 week

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cooly Fan

Cooly Fan
 made by Screenprinting Products Inc.

 Cool Down right after the flash to get rid of Ink Tac - increases your production 

Used after flashing - Made to fit into an Automatic Press 23 x 31 frame size

Cooly Fan - Gets rid of INK TAC within seconds after Flashing 

Best investment you can make for your production  
1650 RPM Comair Rotron Fan

Cooly Fan Man - Same concept - except comes with a stand for your manual press
Speed up your Cool down time Now!!
20x24 Frame size - same size Fan - 1650 RPMs

contact Dave (email- or call 925-989-6615

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

ROQprint YOU - 10 Station 8 Color - 2013

ROQprint YOU - 10 Station 8 Color - 2013 

You or Eco 3 Phase 220V power and command connections (unit)
Laser marker (unit)
Laser markers power supply (for a limit of 4 laser markers)
RoqDry Eco 9000 M Quartz Flash 16x20" (40x50cm) LxHxW 2.8' x 3.77' x
1.87' Lamps 9 x 1000W - 2 available

12x23.5" sRoque Honeycomb Aluminum Platen (30x60cm)
Sroque Winged Floodbar RC0 12" (For YOU M Models)
Sroque PRU "Positive Registration Unit"
Drilling table for pin screen registration
Solid-Loc System 23"x32" Pro Kit
Solid-Loc 23"x32" Fabric Protector Set
Press Cart for Silver Presses with built-in Screen Rack and casters


                         Aluminum Pin Frames Available for extra cost -(contact us for details)

Also Available 
RoqRoqTunnel 20' Conveyor Gas Dryer

Dual Gas or Electric  
Thermal insulation of high density rockwool panels;
Axial flow fan for a constant hot-air circulation;
Air purification filter for the burner;
Antistatic and resistant mesh conveyor high tensile strength PTFE
Digital temperature display;
Internal exhaustion header system per module;
Contact temperature control;
Maximum select temperature: 200ÂșC;
Option of 2 conveyors with independent speed and direction (optional);
Different length’s entry/exit openings (optional);
GP (optional);
ROQTUNNEL powered by gas, Electricity or Both (optional);