Sunday, April 21, 2019

M & R Sportsman 10/8 Loaded  


The Year 2007

Servo Drive / AC Heads /Squeegee Pressure Regulator/ Squeegee Flood Bar Air Locks - Revolver Program/ Central Off Contact

w 2 In Head Reno HW Flash Cures - 18x18 Reno Flash
1.5 Mil Impressions
90 Day Warranty
comes with 16 x 22 pallets - 16" squeegee & Flood Bars

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

M&R Printing 48" wide Radicure

M&R Printing 48" wide Radicure
electric dryer
The Year 2006 

Perfect Dryer for 1 Automatic & 2 manuals 

Great Price $9,995.00

Built for long life and maximum performance, Radicure is M&R’s premium infrared electric textile dryer. Curing is provided by an infrared radiant panel array and forced hot air. Panels can be quickly and easily raised and lowered with convenient single-point height adjustment.

a full 90-day warranty for all parts on most of our used equipment;

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M & R Sprint 2000 - 48" belt width w 12' Heat Section

M&R Sprint 2000 modular gas dryer - 48"

Great Price $15,995.00 + Crating

Sprint is the most venerated name in gas dryers, with more than two decades leading the industry in innovation, efficiency, durability, and affordability.
There are also separate blowers for circulation and exhaust, each designed for maximum efficiency on a wide range of inks and substrates. A high-volume forced air system quickly brings the conveyor dryer chamber to the desired temperature, speeding the start of production.

BRAND NEW 48" wide belt
12' in x 12' Heat x 4' Out - it can be changed to 8x12x8 (if you prefer)

Perfect for 2 Automatics or 2 Manuals & 1 Automatic shop

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Shop Package #1 - All New Stuff

Shop Package #1 - All New Stuff 

M & R Gauntlet III - 14 Color  

Sprint 3000 60" Dryer - 16' of Heat

& Much More 
See List Below

M & R Mini Sprint Gas Dryer

M & R Mini Sprint Gas Dryer 

Full Specs: 

Standard 8' infeed x 10' Heat x 4' Out 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Quartz Flash Cures fo M & R Machines

Quartz Flash Cures for M & R Machines

for automatics or manual presses

Stop paying the high price for Quartz Flash cures 
This is essentially a RED CHILI without the fancy Pepper

16x20 - $3,795.00
18x22 - $3,895.00
22x30 - $3,995.00

Our Uniflash model is designed to be a low cost but effective flash cure unit. It is built on a stand so it can be used with manual print machines or M&R style machines. The stand is a durable all steel design with locking swivel castors, making it easy to move and place around your machine. This unit also comes with all of our standard features such as 3 independent on/off zones and fast acting medium wave lamps.  designed to be a cost effective unit it making it easy to use and functional.

It does not to interface with your press  - even though it can

The Dwell Timer and Pallet Sensor is all you need for it to operate with any automatic - or manual press

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

M & R Challenger II 14 color

M & R Challenger II 14 color 

2 weeks away from completion 

Loaded with all features 
AC Heads 
Servo Drive 
Squeegee Pressure Regulator
Squeegee Flood Bar air locks