Monday, November 21, 2016

White Line Wash Out Sinks - NEW!

WhiteLine - Wash Out Sinks

if you remember the old yellow fiber glas wash out sinks we use to make - we've taken that same design and are now making them in a white poly material-

Always Included: Water Filter System  with your new sink:
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 SFS-100 Water Filtration for Sale . offers a simple, affordable solution for screen printers that need to deal with the disposal. treatment or recycling of wastewater that contains contaminants which are the result of the screen printing process. #screenprintingproducts #ScreenPrinting #SFS-100waterfiltration #reduceswaste #screenprintinglife #screenprintingequiptmentforsale #screenprintingcleanup 


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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kornit 931

Kornit 931

Just recently Serviced by a certified Kornit Tech 
Still running every day 

Video -
(not actual machine)

Kornit 931 is designed to meet the high quality, high-speed and low cost printing demands of the screen-printing industry, this system adjusted to the printing market growing demands, especially in regard to image quality, color range and printing cost.
Exceptionally versatile, Kornit 931 handles a wide range of standard garments, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, denim, nylon coats and more.
Kornit 931 is capable of printing both on light and dark garments with its 4 CMYK print heads and 2 white heads, different possible printing resolutions allows to achieve marvelous process color prints with numerous number of shades.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Brother GT-782 Dual Pallet Direct to Garment & Lawson- Pretreat Select

Brother GT-782 Dual Pallet Direct to Garment 
Lawson- Pretreat Select

1) Brother - GT-782 , 2010:

** 4 are Available
** Price: $12,995
** Completely Refurbished , Prints Great on Darks and Lights

2) Lawson - Pretreated, 2010:

** 3 are Available
** Price: $1,995
** Completely Refurbished , comes with new spray tips

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

M&R Cayenne D Quartz Flash 18"X18" - 2008

M&R Cayenne D Quartz Flash 18"X18" - 2008

More Details:

Year 2008

Electrical 230v, 3 Phase, 60HZ, 29 amp

Units can be electronically linked together on the same press for multiple-flash curing

Most sophisticated and versatile freestanding quartz flash systems 

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Alpha 8 - M&R Printing - 10 Color 20 Station w/2 Flashes - 2009

Alpha 8 - M&R Printing - 10 Color 
20 Station w/2 Flashes - 2009

M & R Link:

2.4 Impressions
24"X 33"Print Area
Year 2009
20- 16x30 Pallets
10- 47X39 Pallets
Squeegees and Floodbars included
2- Red Chili Quartz Flashes 

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Alpha 6080 - 32 Station - 18 Color

Alpha 6080 - 32 Station - 18 Color 

 Model 6080 (24" x 33" print area) press is like new with under 500,000 impressions.

Immaculate Condition  

The press is up and running and inspections are welcomed. Included with the press is one set adult pallets (32) & squeegees/flood bars (18 of each). This press is ready immediately and is warranted to 100% functional.

Serial Number

 press with two 2014 M&R Tacana D 5070 Quartz flashes 


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

M & R Fusion Dryer

M&R Electric Screen Printing Fusion Conveyor Dryer


 ***Nice Dryer in Great Condition

***3' in Feed , 10' Heat Section , 2' Out Feed

Belt widths 91 cm (36"), 122 cm (48"),
and 152 cm (60") and heat chamber lengths
183 cm and 305 cm (6' and 10')

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Unibagger - Pace Maker

The Unibagger - Pace Maker

These don't come around that often 
Priced @ $5,500.00 

about a $3,000 Savings  


The Unibagger II is engineered for dependable performance and low maintenance in demanding environments. Rates of up to 40 cycles per minute are possible. Its sturdy and compact unitized frame is solidly built of heavy-duty steel and premium components for durable, long-lasting performance and smooth, quiet operation.

Unibagger II is Pacemaker's combined bag loading and sealing system. This single bag station is ideal for use where total packaging requirements can be handled through one station or where bag-packaging operations are decentralized.

The bag loading section features slide-and-lock positioning to accommodate varied bag lengths. The entering horns are specifically engineered to the product's shape to promote rapid bag loading. Once the product is loaded, the pneumatic compression plate gently squeezes the product prior to sealing the bag. This eliminates excess air from the package, adding to its attractiveness. The bag sealing section features rapid adjustment for varied product dimensions and for the tilt angle of the package slide platform. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

M & R Gauntlet RS - Servo / 8 Colors

M & R Gauntlet RS - 10 station/ 8 Colors 
Serial # 050246329G

Year  2002 

Video :

Servo Indexer / Air Heads 
Squeegee Pressure Regulator 
Central Off Contact 
This machine was re-conditioned by CGS 2 years ago - extremely good running condition