Thursday, June 1, 2017

M & R Mini Sprint w 10' Heat Chamber

 Mini Sprint Gas Dryer 38"
 4' In Feed 10' of Heat and 4' Out Feed.

Sprint is the most venerated name in gas dryers, with more than two
decades leading the industry in innovation, efficiency, durability,
and affordability. And Sprint 2000 high-production screen printing
conveyor dryers are worthy heirs to that tradition

4' In Feed 10' of Heat and 4' Out Feed.

 Gaskets for Chamber Sealing. 

 220v unit Natural Gas or Propane. 

Mid west

M & R MLink DTG Printer

M & R MLink DTG Printer 
  • Phenomenal quality on images up to 41 x 51 cm (16" x 20")
  • M-Link X prints whites in 30-45 seconds and blacks in less than a minute—and it’s one-third the price of comparable printers

    M-Link prints whites in 45-60 seconds and blacks in under three minutes
  • Ink-saving print modes and bulk ink supply deliver the industry’s lowest cost per print
M & R Mini Sprint Gas Dryer (available with the printer)