Thursday, August 16, 2018

Used Screen Printing Equipment

Used Screen Printing Equipment
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Monday, August 6, 2018

M&R Sportsman 10 station 8 color

M&R Sportsman 10 station 8 color 
 230 1 phase 32 amps
THE YEAR 2004  

PRESS IS READY TO SHIP  (no waiting)

Price $29,995.00 - compared to new @ $49,000 
price includes the flash - an extra $4,000 value 

w/ 18x18 Habanero Flash

Habanero 18x18 Flash - Single Phase 230v 19amps 

This press has been refurbished and is in great shape with only 1.7M impressions. Comes with a 90 day warranty. 

Besides the critical servo drive and AC heads the press is also loaded with pneumatic screen clamps, squeegee and flood bar clamps, central off contact, revolver print program, no tools squeegee adjustment, etc..  

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

M & R Diamondback 10/8Color - Year 2008

M & R Diamondback R Series 10/8 Color - 
Year 2008 

index total only - 650,789

All that is Available
M# DBPPB161810081016A S# 040876240D 2008  rotation clockwise 10 station 8colorReno M# RENO18182016A S# 020875560R 230v 1 phase 18x18 owners manual
Reno HW M# RENO18182016A S# 040876163R 230v 1 phase 18X18
Reno HW M# REHW18222016A S# 101289355R 230v 1 phase 18X22
Adult pallets 10 - 16x22
Youth Pallets 10 - 10x16
Triple play pallets 10 - 4"6"4" x 18
Jacket clamp 5 - 16x16
Tri-loc Pallet and pin registration owners manual
Squeegees 8
Flood bars 8 and 1 winged