Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shur-Loc Squeegee Clean

Shur-Loc Squeegee Clean

If you buy anything this year - this one's a no-brainer  -  $595.00

Probably the worse job in the shop has just been made 

1. The easiest 
2. Maybe the most fun job in the shop 

The Squeegee Clean by Shur-Loc Fabric System will make cleaning your manual or automatic squeegees easier than ever. Simply insert the squeegee between the brushes and slowly turn the handle. The scrubbing action of the quad-brush formation will clean the dirtiest squeegees in seconds.

The Squeegee Clean�s metal construction will allow for a lifetime of squeegee cleaning and will resist almost any solvent that is used. The drip spouts located on each side of the Squeegee Clean allows for collection containers to be placed at each end for capturing any solvent that drips from the ends of your squeegees.
The universal size of the Squeegee Clean allows for any length squeegee to be cleaned with ease.

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Actual Production video:

Shur-Loc Squeegee Holder -    WORTH IT  - $125.00

Shur-Loc Squeegee Clean Automatic Press Lid

WORTH IT              $150.00

Shur-Loc Squeegee Clean Storage Lid       $75.00