Monday, September 7, 2020

M & R Stryker 16 Station 11 Colors

STRYKER™ Automatic Oval

 16 Station 11 Colors - Model 6080 

Electrical Requirements 208/230 V, 3 ph, 42 A, 50/60 Hz, 9 kW
Maximum Frame Size (Alternating Printheads) 114 x 121 cm (45" x 48")
Maximum Image Area (Alternating Printheads) 100 x 84 cm (39" x 33")                               Maximum Standard Frame Size 79 x 121 cm (31" x 48")
Maximum Standard Image Area 60 x 84 cm (24" x 33")
Overall Size (L x W) 884 x 348 cm (348” x 137”)

Thursday, June 18, 2020

M & R Gauntlet II - re-conditioned

M & R Gauntlet II - re-conditioned 
 14 station / 12 Color 

Go with the workhorse of the industry - these are real production machines
90 Day Parts Warranty
 Loaded with All Features: Servo Drive / AC Heads / Squeegee Pressure Reg./ Squeegee Flood Bar airlocks 

New Center Shaft - completely gone through
Dave McLain
Screen Printing Products Inc.

Monday, April 27, 2020



A lot of times we have equipment that we do not have time to Post 
Let us know what you're looking for

Dave McLain

Thursday, April 9, 2020

2007 MHM E Type 12 Station 10 Color w/ AC Printheads

2007 MHM E Type 12 Station 10 Color w/ AC Printheads

Equipment Includes:
  • MHM E Type 12 Station 10 Color
  • Impression count reads 786,357 but this is likely off due to the computer being replaced at some point. Real impression count unknown but machine has been refurbished, is ready to go to work and has a
  • Set of Squeegees and Flood Bars as pictured.
  • Ecure Calmat E Type Flash - sn 3313.94
  • E Type Versi Flash 3 Phase sn 760
  • AC Indexer and Print Heads
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Automatic Pallet Lock/Unlock System
  • Front and Rear Print Stroke Adjustment

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

M & R Sportsman 10 Station 8 Color - Loaded w all Features

M & R Sportsman 10 Station 8 Color
Maximum image area: 41 x 46 cm (16" x 18")
Standard pallet size: 41 x 56 cm (16" x 22")

With electric printheads, tool-free squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments with airlocks, pneumatic frame locks, and independent squeegee/flood speeds with digital display, it provides operators with all the time-saving features needed for quick setups. And like all M&R presses, the Sportsman EX is Tri-Loc™ / Tri-Sync™ compatible, which further minimizes setup times and maximizes run times and productivity.

comes with 2 Omni-Flash cures 22 x 24 

ASPE Rapid Tag - 2 Color

ASPE Rapid Tag - 2 Color
Crated & Ready to Ship


the LP2 allows you to print two-color designs without being too bulky or costly. As with all multi-head machines, you are able to offer your customers specialty printing applications such as high density or under-basing for darker garments. Remember that each print head gets its own flash cure system. This means you will never have to deal with printing wet on wet.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

M&R Quartz Flash model QFU 22”X24” flash size

M&R Quartz Flash
model  QFU 22” X 24” flash size

208 volt 44 amps 3 phase

Comes with all new quartz lamps

3 of them available

90-day parts warranty included

For more info.