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ScreenPro 600 Direct to Screen

 ScreenPro 600 Direct to Screen (product of



See The ScreenPRO600's Barcode Scanning System in Action


This high-speed, high-resolution industrial Computer-to-Screen (CTS) imaging system revolutionizes the screen printing process by printing your image directly onto you mesh and exposing it, all in one process.

By adopting DTS technology, you eliminate the need for costly film, reducing overall production costs. The positive image is directly printed onto emulsion-coated screens, delivering richer details, smoother halftones, and finer lines. Say goodbye to pinholes caused by film, and gain near-instant registration for multi-color jobs.

The specialty formulated UV-blocking ink is the most versatile ink and is compatible with all emulsions, ensuring superior screen quality. Whether you use manual or automatic frames with any mesh count, the ScreenPro delivers exceptional results.

This all-inclusive system includes the Screen Pro DTS printer, ColorPRINT RIP software, Print Production Screen Software (PPS), and Printer Control Software (PCS). With the ScreenPro, experience efficiency, cost savings, and elevated print quality, making it the ideal choice for your screen printing needs, large or small.

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We felt strongly enough to develop it's own web site - In our opinion - this is the only option with all the other units out there


Locating Blocks and Support Frames
The screen support module ensures perfect imaging and exposure.

Shuttle Gantry Design
The Y Axis drive system comprised of a servo driven, high resolution ball screw provides smooth, accurate movement.

Print Head Maintenance Module
Compact print head maintenance module allows automatic purging, wiping and capping


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ScreenPRO 600 integrates multiple advanced technologies, from RIP, .prt merging, job preview, to output production. The streamlined workflow enables users to achieve effcient, high-quality, and accurate screen production.

ColorPRINT RIP Software

• Screen .prt file generation;

• Presets for job properties, such as frequency, angle, and halftone dot shape;

• Screen and image size settings; print quality settings.

Print Production Screen Software (PPS)

Various types of screen job previews, including different color channel previews, magnified dot previews, and mirror previews, help to carefully check the job before sending it to print.

Printer Control Software (PCS)

  • User-friendly interface; interactive printer status monitoring; printer option settings
  • Sending of control commands, such as print, abort, pause, resume and reset

Customer Testimonial

"The Screen Pro 600 reproduces a much finer, cleaner dot than the industry standard Computer-to-screen device. The dot quality is so good, we were able to soften and sharpen our color separations to accommodate for the additional dots we were getting. We also were able to set profiles in the Screen Pro 600 to replicate the dot gain we were getting on our other CTS device so we can run them in tandem.

Overall, the print quality of the Screen Pro 600 is better than our other CTS machine and we love the redundancy of having two CTS machines in house for failover and reducing bottlenecks.

The Screen Pro 600 is also faster than our other machine and it has more manual settings to support different approaches to exposure. If you want to image both sides of a screen, you can easily hit the “manual expose” button to maximize the efficiency of your screens.

We also love that it’s only 1 print head- that creates less uncertainty and easier maintenance. I highly recommend the Screen Pro 600- it has been a boon to the productivity in our pre-press department and we love the quality of the screens it can print. We also thoroughly enjoyed working with Geoff to hone the rip software to our style of printing. They have been fantastic."

- Steph Shea
AMPRO Sportswear

Friday, February 2, 2024

M & R Gauntlet II - re-conditioned

M & R Gauntlet II - re-conditioned 
 14 station / 12 Color 

Go with the workhorse of the industry - these are real production machines
90 Day Parts Warranty
 Loaded with All Features: Servo Drive / AC Heads / Squeegee Pressure Reg./ Squeegee Flood Bar airlocks 

New Center Shaft - completely gone through
Dave McLain
Screen Printing Products Inc.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

TESOMA GAS DRYER ( from Germany) In Stock


 but in stock in USA

our 1st install: Drylight Split Belt

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 easy access for cleaning


 Their Moto 

Dryers are our World:

We Build Extraordinary dryers & Everything, except for ordinary equipment. 

***Every day, we are developing. manufacturing and carrying out research into new ideas & solutions. For us it is not enough to take the lateral few,our glance moves forward. In this way, we identify brand new pioneering pathways for our customers. With this principle, we are constantly working to improve, in order the recognize certain customer wishes in advance

Features & Options 




TESONA DRYLIGHT (Top of the Line)

 automatic tracking system


Performance features

gas operated
Optionally as single or split belt version, also with reverse
motion of belt directions; each separately controllable

 Optimum drying results due to stepless adjustable temperature
up to 180 °C Simple operation with innovative Smart Control touch panel,
possibility for recipe management                                                                 Quick maintenance through hood opening within seconds with gas
spring support

 Application areas

 Highest demands on the production capacity Use on large screen printing carousels and
digital printers Large quantities Customer specific dryer design according to to modular construction
modular construction Great versatility - drying of dierent materials

Extra infeed & outfeed available 

Drylight Models (Gas)

DLT-G-17-HH-SC-4 - 78" infeed x 13' Heat x 60" outfeed - belt with 68" 

DLT-G-17-HH-SC-6 - 78" x infeed x 20' Heat x 60" outfeed - belt width 68"




Tesoma Compact Series 60” 


1500 mm -   5' in x 10' Heat x 5' Out

1800mm      5' in x 10' Heat x 5' Out    

Extra infeed & outfeed available 

Compact Textile Dryer 

Textile Dryer with 2900 mm Heating Zone for drying plastisols/water-base- & solvent base ink as well

Filter: Recirculating system with lint filter made of stainless steel, easy accessible from the outside

Controls: comfortable touch panel - easy access to the dryer via remote control - Stepless of belt speed regulation and control of hot air temperature,. Regulation of the air volume by an easyto use control handle.

Exhaust: Exhaust air extraction on the back side with differential pressure sensor 

Monday, January 10, 2022

Quartz Flash Cures fo M & R Machines

Quartz Flash Cures for M & R Machines

for automatics or manual presses

Stop paying the high price for Quartz Flash cures 
This is essentially a RED CHILI without the fancy Pepper

16x20 - $3,950
18x22 - $4,150
22x30 - $4,450

Our Uniflash model is designed to be a low cost but effective flash cure unit. It is built on a stand so it can be used with manual print machines or M&R style machines. The stand is a durable all steel design with locking swivel castors, making it easy to move and place around your machine. This unit also comes with all of our standard features such as 3 independent on/off zones and fast acting medium wave lamps.  designed to be a cost effective unit it making it easy to use and functional.

It does not to interface with your press  - even though it can

The Dwell Timer and Pallet Sensor is all you need for it to operate with any automatic - or manual press

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A lot of times we have equipment that we do not have time to Post 
Let us know what you're looking for

Dave McLain

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

M & R Gauntlet RS - Re-conditioned - 8 colors

M & R Gauntlet RS - Re-conditioned - 8 colors 

2 Available 

Ready to go 

Pneumatic Pallet Drive - Pneumatic Print Heads - Digital Control Center - 16"x18" Print Area - Microregistration - Frame Air Locks - Squeegee Pressure Regulators -  Set of Adult pallets Squeegees, Floodbars included - 13' Setup Diameter