Friday, September 25, 2015

Sprint Gas Dryers - What to Expect

Sprint Gas Dryers - What to Expect

Sprint 2000 Gas Dryers - buying used - what to expect

Keep in mind our goal on selling these dryers is to save you up to 50% off the cost of new.

1. Condensation - there will be some discoloration on the outside of the dryer - very typical .
Generally - the older the dryer the more discoloration. There's also always seems to be some rust inside the dryer - this is due to unprotected metal - no need for concern.
2. Insulation - these dryer are well insulated - however during the course of years of use sometimes this insulation needs to be replaced - A very simple process. Basically it's a product called duct board insulation. This is not covered under warranty - but we can buy it at a reduced cost & and we'll carry that cost to you the buyer.  Usual costs if you replace all the insulation is around $400.00 plus shipping.
3. Dryer are always dirty inside - we will always vacuum them out.  We also will wipe down the outside of the dryer as best we can.
4. Hi temp red gasket material (1" wide x 1/8 thick) - this always has to be replaced - Screen Printing Products Inc. will always replace this material - we always leave the old gasket material in place ( always brittle) so as the show where the new should be placed - very simple process.
Scrap off the old - & peel and stick on the new - always clean the surface before placing the new.
5. Belt condition - we'll give it a 1 -10 point rating system - 10 being in excellent condition -
If the belt needs to be replaced we will offer a new belt at our cost. We deal directly with the manufacturers so we can carry on the distributor pricing. (Unless a new belt is negotiated in the deal.)
Things we check and warranty. (60 days parts only)
1. All bearing connected with all fans - this always seems to be a concern- we will replace the bearings parts only - unless you have a certified tech install the dryer - then it's up for discussion- We always pre-determine the conditions of the bearings and report it to the buyer
2. All working parts which make these dryer operational are covered under warranty

Electric Dryers - falls in the same category as gas dryer
Things that are not an issue compared to gas
Bearings / insulation / Red gasket material is not needed

Things that could be an issue:
IR panels/ contactors

Saturday, September 12, 2015

M & R Cayenne 18 x 22 Quartz Flash

M & R Cayenne 18 x 22 Quartz Flash 
Year 2008 
electrical: 230 v - 3 phase 
3 Zones 
Cayenne D is M&R’s most sophisticated and versatile freestanding quartz flash cure system. Its medium-wave sealed tungsten filament quartz lamps feature adjustable intensity, and its instant-on flash cure technology conserves energy by reverting to standby when the screen printing press is idle. The digitally-controlled curing lamps are divided into three flashing zones that can be operated independently or in any combination. Using fewer flash cure zones on small screen print areas reduces ambient heat, lowers energy costs, and leads to faster substrate cooling.

Available Oct. 1st