Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How we Inspect Machines

How we Inspect Machines

This is about a 2 Hour Process for a 10 - 14 Color Machine  

- Inspect machine for overall cleanliness, neglect can lead to poor maintenance

- Inspect center bronze bushing for wear, rocking, wobble

- Cycle machine to ensure proper functionality and note failures & issues

- Check indexer drive system for proper smooth operations, air or servo

- Check print heads for complete, broken, missing parts

- Inspect for air leaks on all cylinders & solenoid valves for each print station, including any manifold


- Check air lock switches on each print head

- Check underside of indexer base for excessive wear during rotation

- Inspect registration bearings / cam followers

- Inspect print carriage linear bearings and rails

- Check battery in PLC, servo amplifier, MTA units, date codes.

- Check pallets, squeegees, and flood bars for condition and sizes to be include with printer