Tuesday, October 4, 2016


 Used Equipment Warranty



Used Equipment Warranty
Limited Warranty
Used equipment, sold by Screen printing Products Inc. is warranted against defects in
Parts and materials for a period of sixty (60) days commencing the date received . Any
part found by Screen printing Products Inc. to be defective material or workmanship
within the stated warranty period will be replaced or repaired without charge for parts
Only persons specifically authorized by Screen Printing Products Inc. shall perform
warranty work on the equipment. Any work performed by unauthorized persons shall
void this warranty. Consequential damages, lost productive hours, inconvenience and
contingent liabilities are not covered under this warranty.
All service technician travel, lodging, time, and sustenance costs remain solely the
Buyer’s responsibility. Screen printing Products Inc. sole liability under this warranty
shall be to replace or repair defects in materials and parts.
Screen Printing Products Inc. does not warrant failure of parts or components resulting
from misuse, improper adjustment, lack of proper maintenance, electrical current
surges, or from general wear. Damage to the Equipment while being crated or
transported by a third party provider or due to damage caused by installation by other
than a qualified manufacturer’s technician are specifically excluded from this warranty.
Also excluded from this Warranty Agreement are damages caused by natural disasters,
such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornados and fires.
The Equipment subject to this Warranty Agreement is used and Screen Printing
Products Inc. is not a manufacturer or distributor of this Equipment. Other than
the warranty described above .