Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Unibagger - Pace Maker

The Unibagger - Pace Maker

These don't come around that often 
Priced @ $5,500.00 

about a $3,000 Savings  


The Unibagger II is engineered for dependable performance and low maintenance in demanding environments. Rates of up to 40 cycles per minute are possible. Its sturdy and compact unitized frame is solidly built of heavy-duty steel and premium components for durable, long-lasting performance and smooth, quiet operation.

Unibagger II is Pacemaker's combined bag loading and sealing system. This single bag station is ideal for use where total packaging requirements can be handled through one station or where bag-packaging operations are decentralized.

The bag loading section features slide-and-lock positioning to accommodate varied bag lengths. The entering horns are specifically engineered to the product's shape to promote rapid bag loading. Once the product is loaded, the pneumatic compression plate gently squeezes the product prior to sealing the bag. This eliminates excess air from the package, adding to its attractiveness. The bag sealing section features rapid adjustment for varied product dimensions and for the tilt angle of the package slide platform.