Saturday, December 22, 2018

M & R Challenger II - 10 Color - Year 2007

M & R Challenger II - 10 Color - 

Year 2007 - Reconditioned 

serial # 12067003C 
Model: CHA25070
220 - 34 Amps - 3 phase 

AC Servo Pallet Drive - AC Print Heads - 20"x28" Max. Print Area - Front Microregistration - Frame Air Locks - Squeegee & Floodbar Air Locks - Central Off Contact - Set of Adult pallets Squeegees, Floodbars included - 19.5' Setup Diameter - Reconditioned w/ 90 Day Warranty

YouTube Video :
This is to show you the quality of our re-conditioned machines (even though this is a 14 color)

this is a rare machine that is a newer style 
we usually will not find a Challenger II that is a 10 
color - that gives you a print size of 20 x 28 & has the capacity to print 34 x 28 every other print head

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Monday, July 9, 2018

M & R Mini Sprint Dryer

2005 M&R Mini Sprint 2000 
model 38" wide belt

12 feet' heat chamber         Year 2013 - 

serial # 091392761s
230 v 3 phase

12 feet' heat chamber, with 4' in-feed, and 4' out-feed,

230 volts - 3 phase

code: ozne

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Uni-Flash Quartz Flash Cures

 Uni-Flash ( with sensor)
New Quartz Flash Cures 

UniFlash - 16X20                               Model# UF-1620   
UniFlash - 18x24                               Model# UF-1824
UniFlash - 22X30                               Model# UF-2230         

Work with any - M & R  - Tas - Workhorse

1 phase or 3 phase - 208/240 v


·       Quality components such as Bright Annealed Stainless Steel Reflector Pans that will never warp or fail.
·       Durable Aluminum Air Filters that can be removed tool free and easily cleaned with water and almost any chemical
·       Solid State Electronics are installed for ease of replacement and/or trouble shooting.
·       Durable Powder Coated Finish to resist chipping and discoloration.
·       Features- All MSI flash cures have the following as standard features.
o   3 individual on/off cure zones to cure right where you need it. Use only one zone and save power for a small left chest print or all three zones for larger prints.
o   Fast acting medium wave lamps with sealed tungsten heating elements.
o   Height to substrate adjustment.
o   Easy push test buttons to manually flash cure during setups and test prints.
o   A full one year manufactures warranty. And free lifetime technical support.
·       Additional features depending on model-
o   Intensity  Control (adjustable lamp output) for just the right amount of heat.
o   Stand By Mode with intensity control, keeps bulbs warm in between flash cycles for faster more consistent performance.  
o   Timer function to ensure cure and prevent over flashing.
o   Temperature controller enables you to flash to a set temperature to ensure proper curing and prevent scorching on delicate materials.
o   Units can interface with your print machine or be controlled by an external sensor.