Tuesday, January 9, 2024

TESOMA GAS DRYER ( from Germany) In Stock


 but in stock in USA

our 1st install: Drylight Split Belt

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 easy access for cleaning


 Their Moto 

Dryers are our World:

We Build Extraordinary dryers & Everything, except for ordinary equipment. 

***Every day, we are developing. manufacturing and carrying out research into new ideas & solutions. For us it is not enough to take the lateral few,our glance moves forward. In this way, we identify brand new pioneering pathways for our customers. With this principle, we are constantly working to improve, in order the recognize certain customer wishes in advance

Features & Options 




TESONA DRYLIGHT (Top of the Line)

 automatic tracking system


Performance features

gas operated
Optionally as single or split belt version, also with reverse
motion of belt directions; each separately controllable

 Optimum drying results due to stepless adjustable temperature
up to 180 °C Simple operation with innovative Smart Control touch panel,
possibility for recipe management                                                                 Quick maintenance through hood opening within seconds with gas
spring support

 Application areas

 Highest demands on the production capacity Use on large screen printing carousels and
digital printers Large quantities Customer specific dryer design according to to modular construction
modular construction Great versatility - drying of dierent materials

Extra infeed & outfeed available 

Drylight Models (Gas)

DLT-G-17-HH-SC-4 - 78" infeed x 13' Heat x 60" outfeed - belt with 68" 

DLT-G-17-HH-SC-6 - 78" x infeed x 20' Heat x 60" outfeed - belt width 68"




Tesoma Compact Series 60” 


1500 mm -   5' in x 10' Heat x 5' Out

1800mm      5' in x 10' Heat x 5' Out    

Extra infeed & outfeed available 

Compact Textile Dryer 

Textile Dryer with 2900 mm Heating Zone for drying plastisols/water-base- & solvent base ink as well

Filter: Recirculating system with lint filter made of stainless steel, easy accessible from the outside

Controls: comfortable touch panel - easy access to the dryer via remote control - Stepless of belt speed regulation and control of hot air temperature,. Regulation of the air volume by an easyto use control handle.

Exhaust: Exhaust air extraction on the back side with differential pressure sensor 


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